Vir Das

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Vir Das is an Indian Bollywood actor and comedian.

Since 2003 he has performed over 100 comedy shows in all the major cities. He has debuted six (1.5 hours) comedy specials written, directed by and starring him at the India Habitat centre to audiences of over 900 a night. These include Brown Men Can't Hump, Not for Members Only, Bored of The Things!, Who Let the Das Out?, Son of a Switch! And VIRagra. Every one of these shows has sold out within a matter of days.

Vir Das started his career on TV when he hosted two TV shows on Zoom Channel. The first one was Is Route Ki Sabhin Linein Maast Hain where he was an agony uncle. The second was his own stand-up comedy late night show Ek Rahin Vir. Although early for their time, they got noticed and put Vir on the comedic map in India. Vir has also hosted Top Drive getaway for Star World.

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