Damini Kumari

Business and Life Coach | TV Anchor | Journalist

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Damini is a business and life coach with a focus on core competency enablement, empowerment and leadership development. In her industry career spanning just over 15 years, she had the opportunity to work in very diverse areas including media, research, investment banking and teaching. She designed and hosted television shows on financial education, facilitated business roundtables and hosted investor conferences. As a journalist, she interviewed the leaders of top Indian corporations and challenged their views on strategy, markets and policy in order to present an unbiased 360-degree view to the audience. Her early years in investment banking set a strong foundation for her business television career.


Damini has received her coaching certification from CoachU, the pioneers of coaching in the USA. Her methodology includes the use of personality as well as cognitive bias assessment tools, vision board architecture, coaching models and strategizing tool-kits. She assists clients to understand their own thinking patterns, psychological construct and attitudes to create true discovery around core values and purpose. This leads to a transformation from default to pro-actively designed life choices and a truly empowered as well as evolving self- identity.

Damini is a gold medalist from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow and studied engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. She has lived in 5 countries and developed a keen understanding of diverse cultures and novel ways of doing business. She has a passion for trekking as well as Indian philosophy and loves working with children.

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