So you need a good Speaker for your Event or Conference?

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A New Wave of Corporate Training

Organizations today suffer from a skills supply chain challenge… more than 70% of organizations cite capability gaps as one of their top five challenges’ says Josh Bersin in his article for Forbes. (Forbes, 2014) Read more

Hans Dalal – He fought cerebral palsy, Now he fights to save tigers

Ever wondered how it would be if everyone thought you were different? If you weren’t able to cope up with other kids in school? If you weren’t allowed to have equal opportunities as others? Read more

Stop Asking Questions and Listen !

In the skills listed under the gamut of “communication”, the corporate workforce skips over a key focal point that can greatly enhance their core; listening as an elite form of negotiation. Read more

Strategies to Engage and Motivate a Team to Improve

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Improving Morale with a Top Motivational Speaker

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