Executive Director ICICI Bank

"Everest is a metaphor for the pinnacle of achievement and Mark Inglis embodies the principle that achievement comes with pain"

Heather Gupta

Group VP, HRD UTV Group, Mumbai

"Mark delivered a presentation skills workshop to 40 of my mid and senior-level employees. He managed to make this a mix of both practical and inspirational learning. Participants came away with specific learning’s around presentation skills, ranging from the more generic 'gaining in confidence" to the more practical hints and tips on how to stand, how to deliver a memorable presentation, how to overcome nerves and how to deal with hecklers and unwanted questions, amongst other topics. 

Mark's own inspirational story, delivered at the end of the workshop, not only demonstrated the art of making an outstanding presentation and but also inspired the audience to really look at themselves and overcoming their obstacles in a whole new light. 

Mark is an extremely engaging, personable speaker as well as a hugely positive and motivating human being. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to any corporate looking for a similar workshop."

Mavis Smith

ANZ Bank: Bengaluru

Working with Speaking Minds was an absolute pleasure. The event was managed seamlessly. They delivered what was promised and more. Very professional and well organised. Would love to do more events with them.

Mark Inglis – what does one say about a man who is so positive? Words fail me! It was an honour to meet him and experience his zest for life. I know that staff at ANZ loved his session. I think you realise that you can work around a disability and make the best of it – even excel if you set your mind to it. He gave us a message of hope and his never say die attitude is infectious. Never again am I going to complain about mundane things like having a cold or the flu!



D. Shivakumar

Former CEO, Pepsico

“I thought the whole program was very well designed. It was the right amount of rational inputs as well as emotional inputs to effect the good transformation. It was a good combination of mind and heart.”

Kaizad Hateria

GM Sales & Customer relations, Rustomjee

“Richard Mullender’s event has given me lots of insights into one of the most beautiful aspect of communication which is listening, empathy, compassion and how to get your way without offending other people. Lots and lots of takeaways from the event.”

Vinay Kanchan


"This is one of the most interesting programs that I have ever attended. Mr. Mullender's credentials are impeccable. Somebody who had to make a value of every word when he is transacting business. There is so much to learn from someone who has rich experience."