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Child prodigy; Garry Kasparov qualified as an international chess grandmaster at the age of sixteen. He was world champion for fourteen years, during which his attacking style and faultless strategy proved invincible. Most famously, he pitted his talents against IBM’s Deep Blue computer, which could analyse 50 billion moves in three minutes. The series still stands at one match each.

Though not in business himself, Garry’s presentations highlight themes that are as pivotal in the corporate world as they are in chess. He shows how the most complex challenge in either arena can be distilled down into strategy, decisionmaking, use of resources and the desire to beat the competition. 

Where appropriate Garry is happy to demonstrate the parallels, by playing up to twenty-five simultaneous games of chess with conference delegates. 

Garry Kasparov now devotes his time to politics. Years after his rivalry with Karpov was seen as a show of opposition to the authoritarian Soviet state, he has become a leading member of Russia’s Free Choice group and a vocal opponent of the Putin / Medvedev regime. 

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