A New Wave of Corporate Training

Organizations today suffer from a skills supply chain challenge… more than 70% of organizations cite capability gaps as one of their top five challenges’ says Josh Bersin in his article for Forbes. (Forbes, 2014) Organisations looking to put their leaders through the grind in the current business environment are investing heavily in training, augmenting budgets by as much as 87% this year. (‘Economic Times India’ September 2013) 


This indicates that corporations are putting a new emphasis on the importance of corporate training in order to enable their employees to match up to the highly competitive environment present in industries today.

Employees constantly need to update their skills and keep up with the latest developments in the industry to meet the demands of their job profile. Not only do sessions of corporate training help employees up their game in terms of professional development but they also induce a sense of social unification within the company.

The contents of a corporate training programme vary to meet the need of the hour. Today, professional agencies and quality speakers bureaus have a wide variety of experienced trainers available for the training needs of all levels of employees from graduates through to top management. These professionals have identified effective training techniques that include the incorporation of technology, positive reinforcement, training based on individual learning styles and motivation. In particular, there has been a rise in the popularity of gamification as a training technique. This is the use of game principles to teach employees how to deal with professional challenges.

Other break-through training techniques and team building exercises using music, humour, virtual experiences and other such innovative approaches to training have helped employees uncover strategies which can bring advancement in both business and personal goals. Over the years, companies have started to invest heavily in what is known as ‘human capital’, and engage experienced trainers across different genres to fulfil the knowledge and skill gap. Companies investments go beyond their corporate environment these days, and such programs are even held in very exotic destinations, giving the employees a total return on experience.






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