So you need a good Speaker for your Event or Conference?

Here are a few FAQs to start off the New Year


What is a Motivational Speaker?


Sometimes called an inspirational speaker, the ultimate goal of a motivational speaker is to encourage changes in peoples thinking on an emotional and/or mental level, and to help them make some kind of professional or personal change in their lives and within themselves. 


Almost all motivational speakers relate their own unique personal experience to an audience, which means they can come from any kind of background and use that information to inspire others. A motivational speaker is constantly reflecting on their own life and uses their own lessons to draw parallels with the everyday issues of their audience or clients. 



What is a Keynote Speaker? 


A keynote speaker establishes a main underlying theme. ..., The keynote speech is delivered to set the underlying tone and summarize the core message or the most important revelation of the event.


The term Keynote Speaker is one of the most misunderstood. Many people confuse the term Keynote Speaker with a motivational speaker, inspirational speaker, industry expert, or celebrity. All of which could do a keynote speaker, but most professional keynote speakers are not actual Keynote Speakers and most Keynote Speakers can’t or don’t do all the rest.

A Keynote Speaker should be able to capture the essence of your conference or theme and be able to highlight it to your audience within about forty minutes or so. The Keynote Speaker should be willing to spend the time researching your business, your industry, your values, and your audience then create a unique presentation just for your audience. Their job is to weave your keynote message into your event in a memorable and unique way.

What is a Leadership Speaker?


leadership speaker is someone who shares about how to convey a vision for their organization, motivate teams and individuals, set out a strategy that others will follow and inspire groups to work towards a common goal.


A good leadership speaker will draw experience from their own experience as a leader in their own field, from business, sports, military or any other background and will be able to transfer their skills to the issues your organisation faces.



What is an Industry expert?


They are the thought leaders and influencers of the industry; they add meaningful value to the audience. More generally, it is a person with extensive knowledge or ability based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular area of study. Industry Experts are called in for advice or learnings on their respective subject.



What is a Celebrity Speaker?


Whether a television celebrity speaker, world-class athlete, bestselling author, or an award-winning entertainer, a celebrity motivational speaker can add a touch of class, to any engagement.


Celebrity speakers can bring highly engaging presentations and real-life success stories to spice up any event. Not all celebrities are good speakers though, so you need to know if you just want someone to create a buzz with the audience or someone who has the ability to share their story in a relatable way.


Celebrities can come from any genre but when booking a celebrity speaker, keep in mind that just as celebrity speakers come in all shapes and sizes, so do their contractual specifications and riders for fulfilling each speaking engagement. While some riders may seem oddly specific or even frivolous they do serve a purpose.



How much do speakers cost?


Speakers usually charge a set professional fee, which is varied depending on the status and experience of the speaker. Know your budget – a good agency should be able to provide you options within your budget. In addition, it is expected that the client will provide flights, transfers, accommodation etc at their own cost. Occasionally you will find a speaker that is happy to make his or her own arrangements at a set fee, check this out with the agency. 



How long should a speaker speak?


Find out exactly how long they are willing to speak. Most seem to prefer about 40 -60 minutes, and some will only do moderated conversations or fireside chats each speaker will have their own preferred speech time and this can also depend on the needs of the audience. An industry expert delivering a speech or a celebrity appearance can be easily over within 20 mins. Additionally, some speakers can add on a Q&A session or a short one on one with a key person from the client’s side.



Booking  a Speaker:

Start booking your speaker as soon as possible. Most speakers are booked up 2-3 months in advance; a celebrity or big-name speaker can be booked out up 6-8 months or more in advance. Keep in mind that most big-name speakers are big-name speakers because they are still actively working in their industries, so scheduling might take some negotiating. If you want a specific person rather than one of a few potential speakers it’s a good idea to have 3-4 event date options.  Keep in mind that celebrities and other speakers such as current politicians etc will have other commitments and that any speaking engagements will need to be slotted around that.


In addition: 


All speakers have additional terms and tech riders. Make sure you understand these when booking a speaker. The most common are flights, transfers, accommodation and F&b.  A lot of speakers travel with one more person, celebrities and big-name speakers can travel with a whole team and can have very specific requirements. It's always a good idea to book with a professional agency that is used to managing this.


Of course, with a high-profile speaker, event attendees will likely want photos or autographs. Or event coordinators might want additional activities like photo ops, VIP meet and greets, book signings, and video/ live streaming, but it’s important to discuss and finalize these details early on in the planning process.


Videos/ live streaming

Speakers usually request that the audience not videotape the keynote. Occasionally they may allow a live stream accessible only to business employees and VIP customers who could not attend the event. 



Attendees love a good Q&A after a keynote, but make sure you get this pre-approved with the speaker before the event. If there’s a Q&A, find out if the speaker requires a moderator and questions to be submitted ahead of time. 


Autographs & Book Signing

A lot of good speakers are also authors and can have books available. With books, sometimes they will sign them in person with attendees; other times they will pre-sign books before the event.





A professional agency such as Speaking Minds can offer you a seamless 360 deg experience, from choosing the right speaker, negotiating the best terms and creating a memorable experience and best ROI for your business.





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