Strategies to Engage and Motivate a Team to Improve

The Corporate environment can be very challenging. High expectations, targets to meet, clients to manage, teams to handle and competitiveness can all take its toll on employees. In the olden days, companies would share their philosophy, goal, targets and expect employees to simply follow their orders. Times have changed. Getting commitment from all the employees is now a critical aspect of the growth and productivity of an organisation. There are many qualified motivational speakers available.

The motivational speakers in demand are usually the ones who have notable achievements and can showcase their own life experiences in a way that provokes the mind and inspires the individual to perform better. 

These speakers present using humour and can skilfully align parts of their presentation with the values of the company and know exactly how to keep the audience engaged. For example, Mark Inglis, the world's only double amputee to summit Mt Everest. His story is in his presence - right from the moment you see him, you can see his story and feel motivated - if a double amputee can scale the highest peak in the world, then there are no peaks one can't possibly achieve. Then there is the 'French Spiderman', Alain Robert - the only man in the world to scale the worlds' tallest buildings - and he suffers from severe vertigo. There is a hunger in all of us to understand people like these - the hero in us is looking for inspiration to be a hero ourselves.

Organisations are constantly looking for such people to help transform the thinking of their employees and in exchange get a return-on-investment by giving their employees a return-on-experience. It is a known fact that when a team is enthused and aligned with the company's goals it, in turn, has a significant positive impact on the bottom line.

A lot of companies fall into the trap of engaging a speaker because they sound good, have a great website or the team that has been tasked to find a speaker has chosen through the limits of price and ease of availability. Choosing the right speaker is very essential - after all, they need to inculcate and share the values of your brand.

When you are investing a significant amount into your external keynote speaker there are many considerations that need to be taken into account, including audience profile, the speaker's ability to relate to your team and what your return on investment expectations are. Using a professional speakers agency will take away that headache, offer you options that are best suited for your needs, and give a representative to travel with the speaker who will not only take care of all logistics but will be available to liaise, advise and troubleshoot.

We all remember experiences and carry them with us forever. Bringing in a professional, experienced, engaging speaker who has notable achievements provides an opportunity to give employees with a return on experience so that the company gets the return on the bottom line it seeks in the long-term.




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