Ruchir Sharma

Chief Global Strategist at Morgan Stanley Investment Management

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Ruchir Sharma is an investor and has written widely on global economics and politics. As Chief Global Strategist and head of the Emerging Markets Equity team at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, he manages over $25 billion in assets under management.

He did his undergraduate studies at the Shri Ram College of Commerce in New Delhi, and afterward joined a securities trading company, and in 1991 he launched a column called For Ex, first for The Observer, later for The Economic Times of India. His writings attracted the attention of Morgan Stanley, which hired him in its Mumbai office in 1996. In 2002 he moved to the New York office, which remains his base today.

Sharma is best known in his home country, India, where “Breakout Nations” broke sales records for a serious non-fiction book and provoked widespread discussion over his view that India has at best a 50-50 chance to be a Breakout Nation. Sharma has argued for some time that India’s growth shows a clear pattern, rising and falling with the tides of the global economy, even when its leaders take personal credit for the periods of strong growth. He has argued that India needs to develop a stronger, more sustained will to reform, as East Asian success stories have in the past.

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