Malishka Mendonsa

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Who am I

A radio jock that has been on the air for more than 10 years. She is by far the most liked and most feared jock in the country. Over the last 10 years, Malishka has become one with Mumbai revolutionizing its Mornings. If she gets you laughing with her carefree conversations, she also makes you seriously change your perspective to act on issues concerning your life and city! Malishka is the youngest Radio Jockey in India to have won more than 10 awards.

Her fluent local style and delivery have been a trademark of Mumbai's lingo. She has more followers on social media than any other jock. Malishka has an attitude that is complete “Bajatey Raho”. She doesn’t spare anyone on air, whether it is the Commissioner of Police or a celebrity who has done something wrong, in her own style.

Along with this Malishka's show is known for helping the underprivileged through her programme “Bajao for a Cause”. A jock with a unique perspective, she is the darling of the masses. As she always says “Ek Baar listener ko commit kar diya, toh management ki bhi nahi sunungi” All in all, Malishka is the number 1 jock of India and the reasons are clearly written above.

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