Kevin Mayall

Generation Next and Personality Profiler Specialist

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Kevin Mayall is an internationally renowned speaker and personality profiler, specialising in the needs and management of Generation Y both in the education and corporate sector. His background as a business owner (and ex-dairy farmer) and parent of four has helped develop his skills in creating programmes designed for both a national and International curriculums. He also works with companies struggling with the varied management styles that are required to bring out the best in people.

In demand for his thought-provoking ideas and programs and as a vibrant and entertaining speaker, Kevin helps break down generational barriers, providing a programme of work that includes one on one coaching sessions, workshops, and motivational speaking to crowds of thousands, drawing on material he himself has created. Part of his international work is based in India, where Kevin has recently had the opportunity to speak to some of the top corporate leaders and HR Heads.

Kevin also holds the Southern Hemisphere rights to Psycho Geometrics, a simple to administer, yet accurate personality-profiling test. This process helps identify work and social types within an organisation. Using psychometrics in a one to one capacity, Kevin is able to help direct individual paths, and help people achieve their goals by helping them define their strengths. In a large group, Kevin is able to help raise awareness of how psychometrics can help business leaders identify different personalities in their team, and then direct them to work in the areas best suited for them.

On a more personal level, Kevin is committed to helping families and those in leadership feel more positive about working with upcoming generations, while also enabling Generation Y to find a place in this world that fits their talents and meets their expectations. He is a gifted communicator that is able to effectively use a range of medium, be it public speaking, print, TV, radio or webcasts to impact people's lives and motivate them for change.

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