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Wellness & Leadership through Music

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Indo fusion violinist and vocalist Sunita Bhuyan is a trained violinist and vocalist and also use music as a medium for wellness and leadership.

Sunita is trained in the Hindustani style from her mother Minoti Khaund and maestro late Pandit V. G. Jog, specialising in Indo jazz fusion and world folk styles. Hers is the first album of folk on the violin" Bihu Strings" in India by Times Music. Her recent projects are Commonwealth culture series the UK, With Strings Attached, Edinburgh, Beyond Boundaries London, music for " Save the Rhino" by Yes Bank and CNBC, and a world music quartet with the Peninsula Studios. She is the recipient of the Priyadarshini Award for excellence, Giants International Award for women, REX Karmaveer global awards, and a blessings certificate from Pope Francis at the Vatican for her work on music therapy with underprivileged children, cancer patients and people with disability. Sunita is the ambassador for the South Asian Women's fund in Sri Lanka.

An HR professional on Wellness, leadership and change through the medium of music for almost 20 years she has presented her theme-based talks and workshops in international forums. 


1) The Music Clinique: The Interactive workshop for wellness and holistic development, using music therapy 
2) Melody and Harmony: Music for leadership, teamwork and Change 
3) Sahakriya: A presentation on Indian culture through the medium of music Sahakriya : (means synergy in Hindi) music for leadership, teamwork and change. This mainly demonstrates and musically represents the art of partnerships and collaboration between diverse and cross-functional groups. Here the metaphor of "musical orchestra" is used as an application based learning intervention, driving home messages of partnerships/collaboration/ assimilation with interactive team activities, all through the medium of music.
4) Sankraman (means transition):  Driving values and behaviours through the artistic platform. Here I use  the concept of melodic patterns and rhythmic structures, the universal seven notes and the discipline of "building depths of one domain" in demonstrating change and transition from one stage to the other. Values like Integrity, Innovation, Trust, Collaboration, Customer Sensitivity etc are reinforced along the way.
5) Samrdhh - The Music Clinique : for wellness and holistic development: the science behind music therapy, how it is a great alternative healing medium. How it inspires creativity, facilitates individual health and development and in turn fuels professional growth. This can be also used for Inclusive arts interventions for people with special abilities.

All of the above themes would be demonstrated via a series of compositions in genres of Semiclassical , Indo Jazz, Folk, Bollywood and world music based on the theory of the " Universal seven notes".

Sunita has recently started a research project on Music and its impact on cognitive preservation with the NBRC. 

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