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Jaspreet Bindra is the Senior  VP– Digital Transformation for the Mahindra Group. He is also an angel investor, writer, teacher, leadership coach, quizzer and speaker.

He has worked for 22 years as a corporate cog and an entrepreneur.  A few years back, he was one of  ‘The Top 25 young managers in India’ by Business Today. 

Over the last few years, he has become well known as an expert in ‘Digital Transformation’. Digital transformation is the process and method by which a ‘legacy’, or traditional, company transforms itself into a digital business/company.

Going digital goes much beyond is not only about digital marketing or SEO or SEM, but spans across all functions of the company and addresses customer experience, business models, products and technologies, and most importantly, people and mindsets. 

Besides the practical experience around Digital Transformation, he has written extensively on it. It was a particular article in Mint on the Ten Commandments of Digital Transformation that caught the attention of many people and got several companies and business schools to invite him to speak on this topic. Additionally, he has also become an acknowledged expert on the technologies around Digital Transformation, Blockchain, AgriTech and Platform Business Models. 

Earlier this year he was awarded the inaugural ‘Digitalist Of India Award 2017 by SAP and Mint; this cemented his position as actually being a top expert, practitioner and evangelist. 

His talks focus on the business side of digital transformation, and are addressed to the C-level, or even sometimes to the larger organisation and explain about how legacy, older, traditional companies like theirs can transform into digital businesses.

A lot of focus is on business models – the whole Uberisation of businesses, how IoT/Blockchain can revolutionise their business etc. He has been invited by the CEOs, who want him to bring in a sense of urgency in their reports, the larger org and other stakeholders, and why it is possible for them to change.

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