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A passion for emergency medicine and rescue in wilderness settings led Dr Will Smith, MD, Paramedic to found Wilderness and Emergency Medicine Consulting (WEMC) with the goal of sharing his expertise and providing comprehensive, up-to-date consulting services

His current job, location and training opportunities allow him to practice medicine in a setting that he has tailored his profession to—wilderness and emergency medicine. As an avid outdoorsman and dedicated physician, he continues to apply and master his medical and rescue skills in wilderness settings.

He found niches that allowed him to combine his medical skills with the outdoors as he worked on ski patrol and began more climbing and other outdoor sports. While attending medical school at the University of Washington through the WWAMI program, he was able to study medicine in rural areas of the western United States and in Queensland, Australia. After completing his emergency medicine residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, he found his dream job as an attending emergency medicine physician in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Since moving to Jackson, he has also become a medical director and an active member of the Teton County Search and Rescue team. In addition, as a hands-on medical director for Grand Teton National Park, he trains and helps the climbing rangers in a variety of wilderness situations.

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