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David Malcolm Nott is a Welsh consultant surgeon who works mainly in London hospitals as a general and vascular surgeon but also volunteers to work in disaster and war zones and now, with his wife, organises training for others in this emergency work. He has been honoured for this dangerous work and is now often styled the "Indiana Jones of surgery".

During his medical training in Manchester and Liverpool, he was attracted to surgery. He took a special interest in vascular surgery after watching a Liverpool surgeon, Peter Harris, save someone by operating on their ruptured aortic aneurysmHe combined this with general surgery, practising at London hospitals including Charing Cross, Chelsea and Westminster, St. Mary's and the Royal Marsden. As a vascular surgeon, he specialises in keyhole techniques, especially for repairs of the abdominal aortic aneurysm, and distal arterial bypasses. In 1999, he was the first surgeon in the world to perform a femoral-popliteal bypass using only laparoscopic techniques. His other work includes appendectomies; hernia repairs; removal of lipomas and haemorrhoids; and treatment of varicose veins using ligation or sclerotherapy.

He began working in disaster and war zones in 1993 when he saw footage of the war in Sarajevo. He has worked in disaster and war zones for several weeks each year since then, working as a volunteer surgeon for agencies such as  Médecins Sans Frontières and the Red Cross. He has also served in a similar capacity for the Royal Auxiliary Air Force, where he holds the rank of wing commander. The locations have included Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chad, Darfur, Gaza, Haiti, Irag, Libya, Sierra Leone and opposition-held areas of Syria. Between 2013–14 Nott trained and assisted medical students and other doctors to conduct trauma surgeries in opposition-held East Aleppo. 

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