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A former strategist with Unisys and NCR, Chris argues that tomorrow’s technology and the pace of change must inform today’s business strategy. Whilst television took decades to become accessible, it took the iPod three months. As we move from cash and cards to SMS and ‘contactless’ payment systems, how long before biometrics is used for everyday purchases?

Some people make things happen, some watch things happen, while others wonder what happened. As a commercial strategist, Chris Skinner looks through the window of opportunity for the financial services industry and delivers his discoveries back through insightful keynote presentations.

Widely considered as one of Europe’s leading thinkers in strategy, financial services, banking, business development, payments, risk management and business transformation - when Chris is not travelling and delivering keynote speeches, he is Chairman of the Financial Services Club, a network for financial professionals and writing for his widely followed financial markets blog ‘The Finanser’.


Chris is an expert on technology trends. He shows how the rapid pace of change and tomorrow’s technology must inform today’s business strategy. Whilst television took decades to become fully accessible, it took the iPod just three months. As we move from cash and cards to mobile and contactless payment systems, how long will it be before biometrics are used for everyday purchases?

As a consultant and speaker, Chris analyses the key shifts in technology and the implications for businesses, policy makers and individuals. He also incorporates forecasts from a variety of sectors around the world to inform strategy and influence predictions.

Chris has twenty years' management experience in technology industries and significant exposure to both retail and commercial banking and consumer finance. He previously served as a Director of the financial systems group NCR, responsible for strategy and European insurance operations.

Chris created a Global Leadership Forum for Unisys, and helped them transform from a product-led company to a more consultative, benefits-based organisation. He is Chair and founder of the Financial Services Club, a Fellow of the Institute of Management Services and a regular columnist for The Banker. He has contributed to the BBC Book of the Future - and founded an online library for strategists and is the author of, amongst other titles, the book The Future of Banking In a Globalised World. 

He is the author of nine books covering everything from European regulations in banking through the credit crisis to the future of banking and is a regular commentator on BBC News, Sky News and Bloomberg about banking issues    

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