Vijay Sharma

Founder | PayTm

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The man, who always wears a welcoming smile, stands true to every word he wrote during the most difficult times of his life. Vijay Shekhar Sharma owns a company whose current value is a little over $3 billion in the market in 2016, a dream dreamt when he was struggling to make ends meet with Rs 10 in the pocket. But he tasted victory the hard way. Nothing came easy for him.

The tears he hides behind the chirpy self that he puts up in front of the world could not be hidden for long while recollecting his journey. Interestingly, it was not talking about his failures that brought tears in his eyes; it was his hard-earned victory. Life tested him right from the beginning of his journey to become one of the most influential people in the business world today.

Things took to a better turn when he began One97, the parent company of Paytm. They started experimenting with the three basics of internet- content, advertising and commerce. While the pride he takes in his creation and the people who help him implement his vision is obvious, he brushes this unique quality off by saying, "When something's not working, I become the customer," with a smile on his face, that is so true to himself. 

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