Mark Inglis

The first double amputee to summit Mt Everest

Who am I

Imagine, you are 23 years old, trapped in an ice cave for 14 days by a sub-zero blizzard on the summit of New Zealand's highest peak. You are starving and freezing to death. You wake up in a hospital to find that you have lost both legs below the knees due to frostbite. 

What do you do next? If you are Mark Inglis, you climb Mount Everest, of course! 

Between losing his legs at 23 years old due to frostbite and then going on to be the only double amputee to have stood on the roof of the world, the summit of Mount Everest, Mark has carved out careers as a scientist, a world recognised winemaker, business innovator, a Paralympic athlete, trekking guide, philanthropist and a leading International Motivational Speaker.  

It is this combination of achievement in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds, his business acumen and his ability to interpret this to a wide range of people results in regular opportunities to share his experience and philosophy with world leaders. 

Challenge and attitude are at the core of all growth, Mark is the epitome of Challenge and Attitude.

As the only double amputee who has stood on the summit of Mt Everest, who else can truly define the often-used saying.   “Attitude Determines your Altitude” 


Mark is one of the top inspirational speakers worldwide presenting at corporate events, business schools and training institutions both as a keynote speaker and a corporate trainer. Mark has engaged with famous business leaders as well as grassroots employees, sharing his story and learnings.

Mark walks the talk every day. Wearing his trademark three-quarter trousers people can see his story in his eye-catching prosthetic legs. Mark does not consider himself disabled as he has access to resources. He aims to reach out to as many people as possible and share this message, as disability can come in many forms - for Mark this is simply a matter of attitude.  Through his charity (Limbs4all) he strives to provide resources for access to those living with a disability.


Mark has presented numerous events in India for in-house corporate programmes as well as facilitated public programmes. Mark has interacted with and presented to the top Indian business leaders as well as employee engagement events, client engagement events, B2B programmes, conferences, summits, sports events and product launches. 

Mark has a special relationship with India and has travelled widely throughout the country from the metros through to 2nd and 3rd tier towns.

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