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Karen Jacobsen speaks and conducts keynote-type concerts for organizations who want to effectively Navigate Change, drive their results – and to Recalculate when things do not go as planned.

The voice of Siri, GPS, motivational speaker, performer, voice-over artist Karen recorded for 50 hours in the studio to create a voice system now heard in over 400 million GPS and smartphone devices around the world.

You will learn:


– The GPS Girl’s 5 Directions for Recalculating

– How to be able to quickly bounce back and redirect your efforts and

– You will never listen to your GPS say the word “Recalculating” the same way again.

Recalculate: Directions for Driving Performance Success

– is for organizations who want their people to take charge and bounce back when obstacles, challenges or detours get in the way of reaching their goals or achieving results. Whether relationships or revenue, projects or product launch, GPS Girl® shows your audience how to create a path and plan to get them swiftly and safely to their destination, however, they define it.

Karen Jacobsen takes you on a journey:

From her small town childhood near Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to becoming “The GPS Girl®” whose voice is in  400 million devices & smartphones. To building a career and business in the Big Apple.

Karen shares the many starts, stops, detours (and a few disasters) she encountered along her own road to success, proving: It Is Never Too Late To Recalculate.

Her stories are relatable, real-world examples, and her five turn-by-turn directions teach people how to use their internal GPS system to Recalculate along the way and reach their destinations. However, they define it: whether in life, business or both and when that happens, when your teams have: Clarity around what they want, A path to get it, and A step-by-step guide to Recalculating along the way

Anything is possible. 

The impact and potential is tangible.

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