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Richard Mullender


Who Is Richard Mullender

Imagine You Could Talk A Gunman Into Handing Over His Weapon.

Persuade A Terrorist To Reveal The Location Of A Kidnap Victim.

Reason With A Suicidal Young Woman So She Steps Away From The Edge.

Richard is a former Hostage negotiator and Lead Trainer at the National Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Unit at Scotland Yard. He has more than 25 years experience working in the London Metropolitan Police.

As a hostage negotiator, Richard has built his career on developing elite-level listening skills. His skills were so well regarded that he was appointed Lead Trainer at Scotland Yard's, National Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Unit. He also designed the latest advanced interviewing course for detectives. He is currently retained as an adviser to a new television series portraying hostage negotiations and murder investigations.

Talks With The Taliban

We’re not at liberty to share Mullender’s full activities in defence of British subjects abroad. However, he was part of the team that negotiated the high-profile release of three UN workers held hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2004. And Mullender’s listening expertise contributed to the intelligence that formed the rescue of Norman Kember in Iraq in 2006.

What Richard Has To Share Will Surprise, Entertain And Challenge The Delegates In Equal Measures!

Richard brings the challenges of communication into the world of business. He provides audiences with elite level listening and communication skills, which can be applied to all areas in business to gain trust, exert influence more effectively and to help successfully manage any situation.


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