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Maori are the indigenous people of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Their history has established Maori as daring and resourceful adventurers. 

Contemporary Maori culture has been shaped by the traditions of its rich cultural heritage, with an outward view of the challenges faced by indigenous peoples in a global society. 

Kapa Haka (group performance), which incorporates harmonious singing, rhythmic dancing and ferocious Maori war dances can have many meanings - from laying down a challenge, beating the competition, intimidating foes, celebrating achievements and more. 

But in essence, Haka is about the people coming together, supporting each other and committing to expressing a message, beliefs and values with passion and conviction. 

Haka Workshops: Engage, Energise, Unify! 

How do you engage your delegates at a conference or event? How do you energise your team to face new challenges? How do you unify, build and strengthen your team? And how can you help your team embrace changes, new ideas and key messages? 

Face your challenges head-on with Haka workshops. Influenced by thousands of years of Maori culture and traditions, Haka workshops have been the catalyst for results at events for some of the world’s leading companies. 

Go Deep – Empower Your Team 

Take your team deeper with our half-day workshop designed for Senior Management Teams. Utilizing management tools from Maori culture, we work with your team to share fundamental truths to strengthen interpersonal connections. We work on strengthening team unity using Haka as a means to synchronise body, voice, movement and mind. We work with your team to compose Haka and create a performance that engages and embodies your company’s values, in an original and enduring way.

What we can do for you! 

Engage your audience: We generate excitement, storming the stage with our Haka performance.

Energise your team: We bring your team and event alive - teaching Haka chants and actions.

Communicate key messages: Your values come to life with our motivational speakers drawing on their knowledge of Maori culture to inspire and unify.

Strengthen team unity: We get your team performing Haka with passion, with vigour, with commitment and as one team together. 

Our haka workshops have been the catalyst for energising events and inspiring teams for some of the world's leading companies. 

We operate worldwide with teams based in Europe, Asia and Australasia. Haka is the winning secret of one of the world's most competitive performing sports teams and is now being adopted by some of the world's top companies. 

Give your team the same competitive advantage as the All Blacks.

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