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Who Am I

Pavan Duggal has been acknowledged as one of the top four Cyber Lawyers in the world.

As an expert and authority in Cyberlaw, Cybercrime law, Cyber Security Law and Mobile Law, Pavan Duggal has also spoken at over 1200 conferences, seminars , workshops, summits and events organized by different distinguished organizations and institutions

Pavan Duggal is the President of Cyberlaws.Net.  He is working in the pioneering area of Cyber Law. While a practicing Advocate, Supreme Court of IndiaPavan Duggal has made an immense impact with an international reputation as an expert and authority on Cyber Law and E-Commerce law.

Pavan Duggal is a Panel Member of Permanent Monitoring Panel for Information Security-World Federation of Scientists

He has been associated with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India on Cyber Law and Electronic Governance legal issues. He is a member of Advisory Committee on E-Governance in Karnataka constituted by the Government of Karnataka. Pavan is a member of Information Forensic Working Group on e-Information Systems, Security and Audit Association.

While he has been a Member of the Nominating Committee, Membership Advisory Committee and Membership Implementation Task Force of ICANNPavan is also the President of Cyberlaws.Net, which is Internet’s first ever-unique Cyber Law consultancy.

In addition to that, he is also the founder of the Cyberlaw Association and is also the Founder-President, Cyberlaw India.

Some outstanding pioneering work in the field of BPO legal issues has resulted in his being a member of the BPO Steering Committee of ASSOCHAM. Today, he advises a number of BPO concerns on different legal issues relating to outsourcing. Pavan was the Chairman of the Cyber Law Committee of ASSOCHAM and works closely with CII and FICCI.

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