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Nozer Buchia

Who Am I

Nozer Buchia, also referred to as “Mr. Motivator,” is an internationally acclaimed motivational, inspirational, and keynote speaker of repute. He is known as a “speaker’s-speaker” due to his dynamic inimitable style of humour and delivery, and his practical approach to any situation.

His straight-from-the heart, high energy, and passionate message has motivated audiences worldwide, and has enabled them get out of their comfort zone and get into greatness. His message is delivered with great passion and complete conviction, as he has lived what he talks about. His determination, persistence, and his never-give-up attitude have enabled him to be successful in life and in the world of business.

Nozer is a business coach and a life coach, specializing in coaching and mentoring executives, high profile managers, non-performing, and under-performing teams and individuals who have the potential to excel and who want to expand their influence repertoire. He is especially interested in helping individuals and corporations who believe they have reached their “peak” and cannot grow anymore. With his motto, “Believe in Yourself,” he helps organizations, teams, and individuals reach higher levels of efficacy.

Nozer’s executive coaching and leadership training programs have been created to maximize your success by enhancing your natural talents and future capabilities. His approach to coaching has been developed and strengthened by his decades of experience, and is personalized through individual and group events that motivate and empowers each participant to improve leadership and managerial capabilities while producing results.

Individuals and corporations worldwide have greatly benefitted from his motivational and keynote addresses, his seminars, and his leadership training sessions, as he helps formulate and communicate corporate strategy with clarity and effectiveness.

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When Speaking Minds was founded in 2007 in New Zealand, little did we envisage that this would grow into an international brand with offices in India and London in less than a decade. We set up the business to share what we had learnt, from the privileges we have had in our jobs – of access to knowledge. Bringing India to the rest of the world was our driving force.

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The dna of our business is genuinely about sharing knowledge with the world, from thought leaders and experts who are notable achievers in their field. Raga D'silva quit her highly successful corporate career in New Zealand in 2007, to set up a dream business of connecting knowledge, insights, motivation from exceptional talent with the corporate world, globally.

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