Allan Pease

'Mr Body Language' | Communication Expert
Allan Pease

Who Am I

Known internationally as 'Mr. Body Language'  for almost 4 decades since his definitive book with that title became a multi-million seller and the communication bible for organisations worldwide.

His keynote addresses, books, videos and audio programs, TV shows and advice on personal image are sought after by everyone from business executives and Prime Ministers, to TV presenters, Royalty and Rock Stars. 

His sales and communication systems have grown companies from one man bands to multi-nationals. Allan teaches your audience how to become great communicators and to win more business - and he makes them cry with laughter at the same time!

Allan's expertise in Body Language and Communication continues to change the way companies do business, how people communicate,   and offers a unique, refreshing insight into understanding human behaviour.


Allan's fast moving, highly entertaining presentation is guaranteed to impress, inspire and educate your audience, leaving attendees feeling motivated and seeing the world through different eyes!

Your choice of business communication speakers can make or break your meeting


With Allan Pease as your body language speaker, not only will your event be a huge hit, but your audience will listen, laugh and learn like never before.

Your attendees will be entertained, motivated and take home inspirational messages that will last. Importantly, your bottom line will improve.

Allan has addressed over 4000 audiences in 65 countries, and his programs are used by businesses and governments to teach powerful relationship skills.

Although he's a specialist business communication speaker and body language expert, his messages are relevant to any area of life where you need to win people over, convince them to co-operate, follow your leadership or simply say 'yes' to what you want.


Session topics include:


       Communicating For Results

       Body Language – It's Not What You Say

       How To Be A People Magnet

       Questions Are The Answers

10 No.1 Bestsellers

18 'Top Ten' Bestsellers

Works translated into 54 languages

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