Shalu Bhuchar

OD Passionate, EI and Life Coach, Change Facilitator
Shalu Bhuchar

Who Am I

The journey from being a trainer to a facilitator of change - whether as a mentor, a coach or a facilitator - has been a beautiful, meandering, sometimes arduous within, mostly exciting one.

A life coach, an emotional intelligence coach, an OD practitioner, and a mentor to many, I am happy to share of my experiences and my learning both in the workplace and outside.

Most people who I work with - for a fees or without (, coaching individual sexual abuse victims, - report a movement, a change for the better. What started (and continues) as a highly engaging, highly inspirational training capability evolved somewhere along the way into  "quietly powerful insights that force (me) to listen and make the change".

I work with people at a level that is the game changer for them - their beliefs. The Voice in the Head is a topic very close to my heart and stems from the less-voiced Rational Emotive Behavioral Technique (REBT). It is the voice in the head that makes or breaks people. I work with all my clients, and even speak in all facilitation about the voice in the head and how they can leverage it as their strength, rather than as their enemy. Hand in glove goes their ability to listen and their overall emotional quotient. 

As a dually certified EI coach and an EI practitioner, I believe that the more we all understand and leverage our EI, the more we create a happier, peaceful world. In The Emotionally Intelligent Workplace, among other things, I speak to audiences of how they can individually work to create an environment that is conducive to both mental and physical well being and thus improve their productivity.

As an SME on both Customer Experience and Enhancing Productivity, I speak to organizations on how to create an eco-system both for customer experience as well as for maximizing their own results.

I also mentor young coaches on how to build their skill and their practice, while mentoring training and OD aspirants.

Some of my clients over a period of time include: American Express, Aricent technologies, British High Commission, Canadian High Commission, Coco-Cola, ConAgra Foods, Deutsche Bank, Ernst and Young, HSBC, Mahindra & Mahindra, McKinsey Knowledge Centre, Pepsico, Syntel (globally) TCS, Unilever (globally and in India), amongst others.

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