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Shawn Anderson

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I'm a U.S. entrepreneur with a marvelous story of my own.  However, and to stay on point with this communication, I've built a team of uncommonly qualified professionals which I've connected with during various adventures and believe that our firms may be able to create a number of synergies within both speaking, consult and client acquisition roles. 

I bumped into your website by chance while researching the design credentials of your web developer and appreciate the substance of the services your firm provides.  From my vantage, it appears that our firms and teams may be able to serve one another quite well. 

If this sounds like something your team may be interested feel free to contact us.  We're based on EST. 




A Little More About Us

We are a relatively small network of professionals (under 100 in number) and in the first year of formally organizing our efforts and branding.  We do not market ourselves or increase our numbers through traditional means.   

Our team is focused on various consult work, but we may be able to furnish greater opportunities for all parties through a common network.  My personal network of mentors, friends and co-workers include former Fortune 500 CEOs (JetBlue, Deloitte & Touché LLP, GE), CFOs (American Express, Citibank); engaging STEM professionals (plasma physicists, programmers, chemists, statisticians and computer scientists), and others which include former Department of Defense (DoD) and U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) leaders spanning the ranks of General Officer to field operator.  

Our goal is to bring together key minds into custom Think Tanks which not only evaluate a clients' challenge, but also serve as actionable Solution Providers when needed.  These Think Tank Solution Provider (TTSP) teams may be able to offer you timely client leads, hot industry topics to market and/or speakers to meet your own requirements.  In like manner, your team may be able to offer our teams speaking opportunities, specific skillsets and/or consult leads when needed.   

My observation is that there are increasing numbers of highly qualified individuals which are looking for a new way of doing business.  Specifically, here in the U.S., I find increasing numbers of top talent preferring to utilize the benefits of an ever expanding virtual world in a way which disconnects them from an expanding urban world.  Our firm provides a space for them to do this while offering our clients timely, independent and cost-effective solutions.

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