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Are you Fit to climb the Corporate Ladder?

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Fit to Climb the Corporate Ladder?


If we treated our machinery, or our businesss, like we treat the human body, there would be more regular breakdowns and bankruptcies...

We draw on our research and business experience of over 30 years, and we have worked with thousands of business people, from captains of industry and celebrities to those just starting out. We have listened to their health issues and looked at their lifestyles, culture, diet, rest, exercise and recuperation strategies.  Few had factored physique health into their hectic schedule as a successful business tool.


The work of leadership or business ownership is stressful and demanding and having the energy to support these demands requires being fit and healthy as a base criteria.

It sits precariously above the doorway of the building, ready to crash down at any moment, potentially causing great injury to passers-by. Something ought to be done about this, and something will, since a visible threat of this type demands immediate action. Everyone understands the potential result of doing – or not doing - something. Yet still the crowd gathers and swells…


Yet many people in business, and in the workplace, are in a similar situation with their health. 


They are physically and mentally falling apart. Silently, perhaps, but certainly! They sleep badly. They eat badly. They drink too much. They exercise too little. They do not understand how food and stress affect them, and they do not have the time or inclination to learn. These people are expected to work, produce and excel. Yet they fall short because they are slowly dying inside.


What is the cost to a company and to an economy when a key component fails? When a machine breaks? What is the cost when an accident happens and the cornice falls? How many people are crumbling, and how many will be struck by the falling debris?


Companies who spend time and shareholders money to select and develop senior leaders and teams have a right to expect their key people to be in the best possible health for that position.


Having an unhealthy leader can also create instability and uncertainty within an organization.


It's about trust and risk, and it is about becoming conscious of your body as a vital business tool.


In other words, at one level, possessing great health is your most important asset, as it becomes more valuable to you as you age. 


At another level, being in great shape, with abundant vigor and energy, allows you to be more focus-driven and operate in business at a higher level than your counterparts and adversaries, giving you greater career longevity, earning capacity and even greater life expectancy...! 

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