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Putting Humour into the Workplace

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We all know the benefits of humour: it helps promote creativity a positive attitude, reduces stress and creates a bond. These innovative training sessions specifically designed for corporate teams and will give the delegates a confidence building, presentation improving, creativity boosting, team bonding experience.

Humour can help people to understand, and bridge the gap between what is not understood and feared to making topics such as race, religion, gender, sexuality, accessible and open to debate and discussion. Questions that people are scared to ask, or worried that others might be offended by, are made easier to put forward through humour. When everyone is laughing together, we ‘re all equal and there are no barriers.

This Masterclass is designed to help confidence building, creativity and teamwork. You will learn how to use humour to unlock your potential.

Shazia will facilitate various exercises designed to unlock the creative communicator that lies within each of us and you will learn to find the humour in any situation. You will learn to look and listen in greater detail to the way people say things.

Learn to communicate with clarity, conviction and humour!

Shazia Mirza is available to teach corporate workshops which are geared towards team-building, increasing confidence, better public speaking or simply having fun! Whatever your requirements, in-house or offsite, she can tailor something to suit. 

Following is a sample workshop outline - this can be changed as required to suit the individual business:

Duration (1/2 Day)

Draft Agenda

10.30 to 1 pm (with a half hour coffee break)

10. 30 to 11.30 Session one 11.30 to 12 noon: Coffee/tea break

12 noon to 1 pm:  Session two 

Includes interactive group exercises tailor designed for your specific audience.

About Shazia Mirza

Shazia is a well known stand up comedian, who performs live around the world as well as  on TV, Radio and writing for The Guardian, The Financial Times, The New Statesman (UK) In her stand-up comedy she talks freely about many topical subjects.

Shazia says “there are no taboos in comedy, everything can be laughed at, satirized, humored and ridiculed”.

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Key Highlights

1.    Improve Inter-Personal Communication – so people aren’t afraid of asking innocent questions and offending others. Barriers can be broken down without being disrespectful to others.

2.    Grow in confidence-  Building the confidence to ask ‘ what society deems as politically incorrect’ questions, to work with others who may have opposing views to your self.

3.    Taking risks with employing people, promoting people, and working with people

4.    Attitude  - How Humour can help with a more positive workplace attitude

5.   Helping break down barriers in teams so people don’t feel different or alienated because of race, gender, sexuality, religion etc

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