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Leadership Accelerator Program

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LeAP stands for ‘Leadership Accelerator Program’. It is a unique program that has a high degree of individual customization to help the delegate achieve his / her goals. Close to 500 participants across India have successfully transitioned into new roles as a direct result of this program with mentoring help that they can leverage at any point in time through their professional life.

What is the need for such a program?

Leaders can create strategy – but the moot question is without somebody to execute the strategy where is the organisation heading? The middle management managers represent the group that is most difficult to manage and retain because not enough efforts are put to develop them. As a result these Middle Managers always scout for better prospects. LeAP has been carefully crafted to address these very issues.

How does it work?

Your organization will select critical competencies most needed to make you succeed in your role. Once enrolled into the program, you will be asked to participate in interactive workshop sessions which will be combined with your own- one on one mentoring session.

Once we complete all the assessments, you will be awarded a LeAP certificate.


Few modules necessitate pre-work before the session begins.

Following is a sample LeAP outline– this can be fully customised according to the organization needs:


Step 1  Enrolment followed by a Need Analysis 


Step 2  You will be given 17 competencies with 142 attributes


Step 3  You will get to choose 65 attributes which will determine the best solution to the organization


Step 4  Customised training modules will be developed to suite the gap


Step 5  Track implementations


Step 6  Individual Development Plans will be discussed with your own counselor in a one to one setting


Step 7  Get access to customised individual reports on YOU!


Step 8  You earn your Certification and are now ready for the next big LeAP in your career


Available Modules

Communication Management

Leading People

Managing Performance

Relationship Building

Conflict Management

Personal Effectiveness

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Self Development

Developing Others

Financial Management

Risk Management

Strategic / Business Skills

Personal Branding

Continuous Improvement Methodologies

Team Work

Managing Change

Client Orientation

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Key Highlights

For the Organisation

1.    A comprehensive 360 degree assessment of the individual talent that will help you nurture your employee better

2.     A safe environment where you employee can hone his / her skills and be prepared to take on challenging roles

3.     A good investment to retain high performers


How will I benefit from attending this program?

1.     to gain a clear understanding of your company, its strategy and culture, and how current issues affecting it impact your role

2.     develop in managing, leading and developing staff and planning and controlling resources.

3.     to progress your own personal and professional development and formulate a clear plan for implementing actions

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