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We energise people at events and conferences, We build unity in professional teams, We connect and align teams to company values.

And we do it in a very unique and powerful way - using Haka- the famous ritual of the All Blacks, the most successful sports team in the world!

Face your challenges head on! 

Our haka workshops have been the catalyst for energising events and inspiring teams for some of the world's leading companies.

We operate worldwide with teams based in Europe, Asia and Australasia. 

Haka is the winning secret of one of the world's most competitive performing sports teams and is now being adopted by some of the world's top companies. 
Give your team the same competitive advantage as the All Blacks.

The haka is traditionally a war dance performed by Maori ancestors before going into battle to show their fearless commitment to win. They performed knowing they were facing death and had no choice but to fully commit. This is replicated today by the All Blacks, the world champion rugby team who perform haka prior to each test match.

What we do

Create impact:  Generate excitement with their haka performance

Communicate key messages: with their motivational speakers drawing on their knowledge of Maori culture

Build energy: bring your team and event alive - learning haka chants and actions

Strengthen team commitment: get your team performing haka with passion, with vigour, with commitment and as a team together.

General format of a Haka workshop - approx 60 mins plus any audience interaction, photos, questions.

1.      Haka performers storm the stage and perform haka. Involves conch shells, chants and haka performance in traditional costume. 

2.      Our facilitator will introduce who we are (Maori from New Zealand), what we have performed (haka), what it means and why we do it. We will also make sure we get your messages across whether it be team unity, facing challenges or going into battle. 

3.      The delegates are then taken through the haka chant, teaching words and actions. We will break the delegates into smaller groups if possible where we learn haka as a team. For large groups where break out is not possible we  can teach from the stage. We start by getting people to relax, warm up, move onto chants, words and actions and building the energy until there is a point of synergy and shared energy in the room as people really commit to the words and actions with passion.

4.     Groups return to main room and each group performs their haka in front of their peers in a competitive environment. 

5.     We summarise learnings and do a final haka with all delegates to emphasise unity and togetherness to finish on a high. 

Our performers are all New Zealand Maori and are experienced haka exponents.

We provide haka workshops at conferences and events. Haka motivates, inspire's and get teams working together better. We has been doing this with companies in Europe, the Middle East and the US since 2005.

We provide groups of facilitators from  2 to 10 depending on your group size. The most popular and effective  facilitator group size is 5 or 8.

All groups come with a lead facilitator and can be all male or a mix of male and female (recommended). All facilitators are New Zealand Maoris.

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Key Highlights

Engage your audience

Our performances are powerful. We generate excitement, storming the stage with our haka performance.

Energise your team

Bring your team and event alive - teaching haka chants, actions and the deeper meaning of haka - unity to overcome adversity and win!

Communicate key messages 

Your values come to life with our motivational speakers drawing on their knowledge of Maori culture and the All Blacks to inspire and unify

Strengthen team unity

We get your team performing haka with passion, with vigour, with commitment and as one team together.

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