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Musical Parody Teambuilding

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 A unique team building activity by the rockstar brothers Sandeep and Sanjeev Vyas to ignite the ROCKSTAR  in your teams

Music is one of the most inspirational tools known; it also becomes a great means of learning, relaxation, productivity and wellness.  At the root of ROCKSTAR is this understanding - that music can be a powerful means of achieving higher human creativity, enhancing energy levels, and encouraging a culture of camaraderie and teamwork within people and organisations


Unlock The ROCKSTAR is a work of love and passion. A unique inspirational workshop that breaks down barriers, enhances inter-personal relationships, builds confidence and reduces stress for executives across all corporate hierarchy at the levels of mind, body and soul.

Designed to meet corporate and human resource objectives, the workshop utilises tailor made interactive exercises to uplift and motivate individuals in an engaging and entertaining manner, so that organizational productivity, achievement and success is better achieved through development of team spirit using music as a tool.


The team behind Unlock The ROCKSTAR -  Sandeep and Sanjeev, both proficient musicians with rich background in the performing arts. Sandeep and Sanjeev have performed all across the world, releasing numerous well-received tracks and albums, and performed in Bollywood films such as ‘Kidnap’.


A team of professionals has designed the framework of the workshop to suit the needs of the corporate audience.

The Session

A power packed  Team building session from Sandeep and Sanjeev Vyas, bringing in their musical talent and rockstar presence, to create a unique program that will bring in individuals to unite as a team, to create a Bollywood musical parody in segments. 

Each team will be provided a segment of a popular Bollywood song to rehearse, props will be provided. None of the members will know what the other teams are doing. When all the segments are performed, almost as a show, it will culminate into a story-line that will be fun, entertaining and leave powerful management lessons.

Outcome expected

Unlocking the potential within each of the individuals to acknowledge and know their own capabilities, Build confidence and trust in their own abilities as well as understanding the potential of those around them. Finding enjoyment in the day-to-day activities at the workplace and growing as individuals and as teams and having fun.



The team behind Unlock The Rockstar are the Vyas Brothers -  Sandeep and Sanjeev, both proficient musicians with rich background in the performing arts. Sandeep and Sanjeev have performed all across the world, releasing numerous well-received tracks and albums, and performed in Bollywood films such as ‘Kidnap’. 

Sandeep Vyas


Sandeep has been hailed as India's best Live Singer & performer. His wide repertoire of songs extends from, Indipop, rock, bhangra, latino, folk songs, ultrapop to golden oldies (both English & Hindi) He has been singing professionally for the past 12 years & has performed at various club nights , discotheques, stage shows, corporate meets, concerts, school/college fests all over India & Abroad.


Sanjeev Vyas


Sanjeev became the First Indian DJ to have played live at the the first ever T20 match held in Mumbai at Brabourne Stadium between India and Australia on 20th of October 2007. There were about 35,000 fans in the stadium and maybe a billion more who had tuned in to watch the match and listen to Sanjeev's Music.Probably the largest live audience for him till date or maybe any DJ nationally or otherwise.


He remixes LIVE with Sandeep. Their unique show includes live mixing by Sanjeev. Its a LIVE Non Stop, action packed jam session between a singer and DJ (a concept popular in the west but new in India)

Unlock the Rockstar: Conceived and managed by RHM Global

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Key Highlights

ENGAGING entertaining, interactive sessions to bring out the rockstar in you, unlock the barriers and build confidence within yourself and those around you

INDIVIDUALS will walk out of the workshop feeling like a rockstar 

CELEBRATE your teams achievements.

REWARD  your team with fun and energy.

Help them UNLOCK their own ROCKSTARS.


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